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Amanda is a great comedic and story asset for any project. She interrogated the logic of the characters and the story structure, so the project could grow and become its own identity. Her ability to find the psychological truth behind characters and holding the script’s relatability to its audience is quite valuable to have. I would recommend Amanda to bring your project to the next level. ​

Bjorn Stewart Writer/Actor/Creator
At Home Alone Together ABC,
Get Krack!n ABC & Colourful Faces

My company Media Farm employed Amanda Reedy as a development producer and writing coach on our television comedy Colourful Faces. 

Amanda was invaluable in focusing the team on the characters and their relationships and helped steer the story in the right direction.  Amanda’s guidance made us better writers and allowed us to draw the most out of our project. She asked the right questions, gave the right insights and made the whole creative process more productive and enjoyable 

Rami Fischler Writer/Producer
Spread The Word, Disney +

It was fun and productive working with Amanda from the get-go. She is easy to build a rapport with and she doesn't beat around the bush. If something isn't working, she will let you know straight up. Not only does she have a keen eye for issues and potential problem areas, but she is full of great ideas and solutions. Often she will articulate an off the cuff example of where she thinks a scene should go that is spot on and inspiring. All in all it was a pleasure working with Amanda, and I would not hesitate to give her a call next time I need script notes.

Alex Morgan Screenwriter
Gospel Television Drama

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